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Monday, August 13th

Lunch-time Arrival.

After lunch, we will begin our tour with a short overview of the history of the Jews in Germany, and of Hamburg in particular. We will proceed to the Mercado Shopping Mall in Altona, that was built above an old Jewish Cemetery – literally above – and the controversy that lasted for months while the 100 members of the Atra Kadisha demonstrated, sometimes forcefully, and succeeded in stopping the construction until a solution was negotiated. At dinner, we will be joined by Rabbi Shlomo Bistritsky, the Chabad and Community Rabbi of Hamburg.

Overnight: Grand Elysee Hotel


Tuesday, August 14th

This morning we will concentrate on the controversy that raged in Hamburg in the mid – 1700’s between Rabbi Yaakov Emden and Rabbi Yonasan Leibschitz. That controversy was a milestone incident for the Jewish History of the period, ultimately involving Rabbi Yechezkel Landau and the Vilna Gaon. We will visit the Talmud Tora School and the Jewish Community Center in the Grindel neighborhood. In the afternoon we will visit the Miniatur Wunderland – the largest model railway of its kind in the world. Weather permitting, we will end our day with a short cruise on Lake Alster.

Overnight: Grand Elysee Hotel


Wednesday, August 15th

We depart for Berlin.

We begin our tour of Berlin with a visit to the Holocaust Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, and the accompanying underground Holocaust Museum. From the Memorial we can see the Reichstag, the German Parliament, and will then walk to the Brandenburg Gate. We will end our day with a visit to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum.

Overnight: Crowne Plaza Hotel


Thursday, August 16th

Today we will visit the Adass Yisroel Shul, the center of Rav Azriel’s Hildersheimer’s community, the community’s cemetery, the Waisensee Jewish Cemetery, the largest and probably most fascinating Jewish Cemetery in Europe, Otto Weidt’s Workshop for the Blind, where many Jews were protected throughout the war, the famous Oranienburger Strasse Synagogue, which somehow survived Kristallnacht and the allied bombs, and was renovated in 1995, and finally, time permitting, the Wannsee Museum, where the infamous Wannsee Conference took place in January 1942.

Overnight: Crowne Plaza Hotel


Friday, August 17th

This morning we will have a guided tour of the Jewish Museum of Berlin.

This magnificent museum, whose architect was Daniel Libeskind, is dedicated to the long Jewish History of the Jews of Germany. After lunch, we will head for Museum Island. This unique collection of galleries and museums, including the world-famous Pergamon Museum, houses treasures from 6,000 years of human history. We will be davening on Shabbat at the Central Orthodox Shul of Berlin on Joachimstaler Strasse. We will be eating all our meals there on Shabbat with the community.

Overnight: Crowne Plaza Hotel


Shabbat, August 18th

After a Shabbat afternoon rest, we will take a guided tour of the Schoneberg district, close to our hotel.
This upscale Berlin neighborhood has a wealth of Jewish History. Before Mincha and Seuda Shlishit, Professor Leiman will enlighten us with a learning topic of his choice.

Sunday, August 19th

After an early morning flight to Munich, we will proceed to Dachau for a guided tour of this former concentration camp.
Following lunch, we will have a guided tour of Munich and will visit the new, magnificent Shul on St. Jakobs Platz next to the Jewish Community Center.

Overnight: Excelsior Hotel


Monday, August 20th

We set out for our final destination, Frankfurt.

On our way, we will stop in Nurenberg to visit the Nazi Documentation Center, located at the stadium where Hitler held his infamous party rallies. Today it is a museum dedicated to educating Germans about their Nazi past. We will eat lunch at the Chabad center of Nurenberg. On the final leg of our drive, we will stop in Wurzburg, another major center of Jewish life before the Holocaust.

Overnight: Savigny Frankfurt City


Tuesday, August 21st

We begin our day at Mainz, where we will visit the Gutenberg Museum dedicated to one of Mainz’s important inventions – Printing. From there we continue to Worms, another important medieval Jewish town, where Rav Meir of Rotenberg is buried, and the so-called Rashi Synagogue is located. We will end the day in Michelstadt, the burial place of the Baal Shem of Michelstadt, which still today attracts many thousands of Jewish visitors from all of the world. We will visit his grave, and the Synagogue and Jewish Museum there.

Overnight: Savigny Frankfurt City


Wednesday, August 22nd

After a short drive, we will visit Friedberg, where we will see a wonderfully preserved medieval mikveh. We will head back to Frankfurt for the rest of the day. We will visit the Jewish Museum, learn about the Hirschian Community and its ideological arguments with both the Berlin Hildersheimer community and the local Frankfurt community. We will also visit the famous Frankfurt Jewish Cemetery, where many Jewish sages who lived in Frankfurt are buried.

Overnight: Savigny Frankfurt City


Thursday, August 23rd

Home. Safe journey to us all.