Led by: Shnayer Leiman, Professor of Jewish History and Literature (Brooklyn College and Yeshiva University), who will

 present דברי תורה   and lectures on Jewish history at appropriate times throughout the tour.

Tour Company: Platinum Tours, Zvi Lapian, President.

 For information and reservations, call:


 Tuesday, July 11:

 P.M. Depart from Los Angeles and New York for Cracow, Poland.

 Wednesday, July 12: Cracow.

 P.M. After check-in and lunch, tour Jewish sites in Cracow (synagogues and museums), including Alt Shul, Hoch Shul, R. Isaac Reb Yekels Shul, Kupa Shul, and Temple synagogue.

Overnight: Cracow, Radisson Hotel.

 Thursday, July 13: Cracow.

 A.M. Walking tour of Cracow’s Old Town and Rynek (main town square). A UNESCO world heritage site, the Old Town is a 13th century medieval town – the largest of its kind in Europe.

P.M. Leave Cracow by bus for a guided tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau. We will visit the new display with focus on Jewish life in Poland before the Holocaust, and with a printout containing the most complete list of names of Jewish victims of the Holocaust, arranged alphabetically by last name.

Overnight: Cracow, Radisson Hotel.

 Friday, July 14: Cracow.

 A.M. Visit the Rema Shul, where the Rema (R. Moses Isserles, d. 1572; co-author of the שלחן ערוך) davened, and the nearby graves of the Rema; R. Nathan Spira (d. 1633, author of מגלה עמוקות); R. Yoel Sirkes (d. 1640, author of ב”ח = בית חדש); and R. Yom Tov Lipmann Heller (d. 1654, author of תוספות יום טוב).

 P.M. Tour of the Jewish ghetto in Cracow during the Holocaust, including visit to Schindler’s Factory in Podgorze and to the remains of the Plaszow concentration camp, where thousands of Jews from the Cracow area met their deaths. Visit to the gravesite of Sarah Schenierer (d. 1935) in Plaszow.

Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kupa Synagogue.

Overnight: Cracow, Radisson Hotel.

 Saturday, July 15: Cracow.

Afternoon walk, including visit to the site of the first Beth Jacob school (1917) and the first Beth Jacob Teacher’s Seminary (1927), followed by a שיעור, מנחה, שלש סעודות, and מעריב.

Overnight: Cracow, Radisson Hotel.

 Sunday, July 16: Cracow, Lancut, Lezhansk, Maidanek, and Lublin.

 A.M. Depart Cracow for tour of Galicia. We will visit various Hasidic shtetels including Lancut (where we will see the most beautiful synagogue still standing in Poland) and its renowned Potocki Palace. Visit to theאהל of R. Elimelekh of Lezhansk (d. 1786), founder of the Hasidic movement in Galicia.

P.M. Continue to Maidanek, a death camp just outside of Lublin.

Overnight: Lublin, Grand Hotel.

 Monday, July 17: Lublin and Warsaw.

 A.M. Walking tour of the main sites of Lublin, including Krakovska Gate, the Old Town Square, Grodzka Gate, and Lublin Castle.

P.M. Tour of Lublin’s Jewish sites, including R. Meir Shapiro’s ישיבת חכמי לובלין, and the graves of the Lublin’s greatest rabbis, R. Shalom Shakhna (d. 1556); R. Shlomo Luria (d. 1574; author of ים של שלמה); R. Yaakov Yitzchok, the חוזה מלובלין (d. 1815); and R. Zadok Ha-Kohen (d. 1900). Leave for Warsaw.

Overnight: Warsaw, Radisson Hotel

 Tuesday, July 18: Warsaw.

 A.M. Walking tour of Warsaw’s Old town, Market square, and the Barbican (surviving remnant of the Old Town’s defensive walls).

P.M. Tour of the Jewish sites of Warsaw, including the Umschlagplatz, Mila 18, the site of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, and its memorial, the Rapaport Monument. We will walk to the newly constructed Museum of the History of Polish Jews for a private guided tour.

Overnight: Warsaw, Radisson Hotel

 Wednesday, July 19: Warsaw.

A.M. Visit to the Nozyck Shul, the only synagogue in Warsaw to survive World War II. Continue to the Jewish Historical Institute, where the Ringelblum Archive, found in the ruins of the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto (first unearthed in 1946; a second trove was discovered by chance in 1950; a known third part is still missing), is preserved, studied, and published.

P.M. Visit to the Okopova Jewish cemetery, where we will visit the Janusz Korczak memorial, and the graves R. Naftoli Zvi Yehuda Berlin (the נצי”ב, d. 1893) and R. Hayyim ha-Levi Soloveitchik (d. 1918) of Brisk.

Overnight: Warsaw, Radisson Hotel

 Thursday, July 20: Warsaw, Lodz, Poznan.

 A.M. Excursion to Lodz, home of the second largest Jewish population (just under 250,000 Jews) in Poland prior to World War II. We will visit the remnants of the Poznanski Palace (today: Manufaktura) and the Radegast Railroad Station (Umschlagplatz of the Lodz Ghetto).

P.M. Depart for Poznan (= Posen), city of R. Akiva Eger (d. 1838). We will visit the town square, the Old Town Hall Museum, remnants of the Jewish quarter and synagogue, and the grave of R. Akiva Eger.

Overnight: Poznan, Sheraton Poznan Hotel

Friday, July 21: Poznan, Wroclaw.

 A.M. Depart for Wroclaw (formerly: Breslau). Guided tour of Wroclaw, known as “the Venice of the North.” We will see the Old Town  and its Rynek, the Market Square. We will visit the Old Jewish cemetery, unique in many ways and without parallel in Poland.

P.M. Free time for walking the streets, shopping, and getting ready for Shabbat. Kabbalat Shabbat at the White Stork Synagogue

Overnight: Wroclaw, Sofitel Hotel

Saturday, July 22: Wroclaw.

 Afternoon walk including tour of the main building of the White Stork Synagogue and its Jewish historical Museum, and other Jewish sites in Wroclaw. שיעור, מנחה, שלוש סעודות, and מעריב.

Overnight: Wroclaw, Sofitel Hotel.

 Sunday, July 23: Wroclaw, Cracow.

 A.M. Depart for Cracow and return flights to Tel Aviv, New York, and Los Angeles.