Kfar Giladi – FAQs

What is the Kashrut?

The Hechsher is Rabbanut. The meat is Glatt Rabbanut and the poultry is Mehadrin, as are the dairy and dry food products.

What type of beds are in the rooms?

At Kfar Giladi there are queen sized beds or twin beds.

What activities are there for kids?

There is a day camp for kids between the ages of 2 and 12, all day, every day. The kids’ moadon (club) is right next to the kiddy pool, which enables parents to be with younger kids by the pool while keeping close to their other kids at the day camp.

In addition to these daily activities, there is a children’s entertainment program one hour before dinner every night. These performances include magicians, clowns, comedians and the like. They have proved to be extremely popular.

What are the options for Seder?

A communal Seder is led by one of our scholars in residence. This seder is limited to no more than 120 guests.

We also offer a family Seder option for families who want to conduct their own Seder, but do not want a private one. These take place in smaller dining rooms together with no more than about 7 or 8 other families so that it does not get too noisy. Each family has their own table, and they can conduct their Seder at their own pace. We guarantee that no one will be rushed through the Seder.

A private Seder enables a family to both recite the Hagaddah and eat the Seder meal in a private room.

Finally in the Hagaddah-only private Seder, the family has a private room just for reading the Hagaddah and then eats the Seder meal in one of the dining rooms.

Where is there a Mikveh?

Near Kfar Giladi, there is a mikveh in Kiryat Shmona, a five-minute drive away.

What laundry facilities are available?

The hotels have laundry facilities but, as in most hotels, they are very expensive. Previous years, a group of families got together and arranged pick-up and delivery to and from a laundry nearby. This is much less costly and worked out very well.

Can you accommodate special food requests?

At every meal there is food especially for kids. This may include hot dogs, french fries, schnitzels and the like. We try to vary the kids’ selection as much as possible, but kids traditionally keep requesting the same food. Please note that there are early dinners for kids every night including Seder night.

We cater to all types of vegetarians, ranging from those who will not eat eggs to those who eat fish. We are fortunate that our chefs make sure that all special requests are taken care of. In fact, they often approach guests personally during dinner to ensure that they are happy with the options that meet their needs.

Does the hotel provide babysitters?

Yes, but you should be aware that they charge a lot during Pesach, especially for Seder night. We recommend that you reserve babysitters before arriving at the hotel.

Are there Shabbat elevators?

At Kfar Giladi, there is a Shabbat elevator.

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