Varda and Izzy Meller

“Our thanks once again for a wonderful Pessach experience with the Lapian family at the Meridien Hotel in Yam Hamelech… we felt like we were at a very elegant hotel with a large extended family. You and your family’s attention to so many planned details and almost immediate response to any requests not on the program made us feel very heimish…it was so interesting meeting people from all over the world…we really enjoyed the diverse and exciting program which Esther planned. Rabbi Sack’s Shiurim were particularly inspiring and thought-provoking…the food was superb and the service really fine.

Thank you for a wonderful Pesach seder and chag. We really enjoyed ourselves…we have spread the word. Please keep us on your list for future events.”

Jeff Astrof

“Once again, congratulations on an amazing Pessach program! The highlights were the outstanding food and top quality entertainment (i.e. Marc Salem and especially the kids programming)…we will highly recommend your program to our friends.”

Judy and Jerry Fishman

We can say without reservation that our overall experience was excellent. Your program provides fine variety and presentations for your guests…on a par with the programs we have attended in the U.S. from 1986 through 2005…all in all our family had a wonderful time.”

Michael Pollak

“…so we had this idea to get the whole family together and, with Zvi Lapian, spend Pesach in the staggering beauty of the Dead Sea. One decision which changed the lives of all forty of us. We rediscovered ourselves, re-acquainted ourselves with cousins, uncles, and aunts. Enjoyed the fun of each others children and all this under the tender loving supervision of everyone’s favorite family – Zvi and Esther Lapian. Six years later we have not missed a Pesach with the Lapians.”