Pesach in Israel

Pesach in Israel

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In 2021, Zvi & Esther Lapian had hoped to return to the newly refurbished Kfar Giladi Hotel for our 11th fabulous Pesach Program in this stunning setting in Northern Israel.

For the past 20 years, 10 years at the Dead Sea and 10 years at Kfar Giladi, Zvi Lapian’s Pesach experience has been characterized by the quality of its program. Combining serious high level lectures and shiurim with fun-filled, cutting-edge entertainment, our acclaimed Pesach program has become the conversation of Shabbat tables around the world.

2021 PESACH UPDATE – MARCH 5, 2021

Unfortunately, the Kfar Giladi Hotel has decided not to run my Pesach program this year. This is a very big blow to my business, as well as causing a major disruption to your vacation plans.

Currently all hotels are able to open according to “Tav Segol” restrictions, with the hope that on March 9 they will be able to open according to the more lenient “Tav Yarok” rules.  However, the worrisome increase in the infection rate (R Factor) over the last few days casts the Tav Yarok possibility in serious doubt.

If the Tav Segol restrictions were enforced, what would that mean for a Dati Pesach program?

  1. Since dining rooms are only allowed to fill to 35% capacity, there would need to be a number of sittings for each meal. That presents a major problem on Shabbat and Chag when all guests finish davening at the same time. Some families would have to wait two hours to eat!
  2. The Tav Segol limits the number of people that can be gathered in a closed room. This would adversely affect private sedarim, minyanim, entertainment etc.

With the risk that only the Tav Segol will be allowed, or that the government might close the hotels yet again, I cannot take the responsibility of asking for full payment now, but this is what the hotel would need in order to move forward with ordering food, hiring staff. etc.

I deeply regret this development. Please G-D we will be able to celebrate Pesach together in future years, when the cloud of Covid has disappeared.

We wish you and your family a Chag Kasher V’Sameach in good health and safety.

Best wishes,

Zvi & Esther Lapian

March 26 - April 3, 2021
  • Included
    5 Star Accommodation
    Fully Kosher
    Personal Guide
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    Airport Transfers
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