About Us

Zvi Lapian Tours

Zvi Lapian Tours is an industry leader in the area of Kosher Deluxe Tours and premium Pesach programs.

Zvi Lapian Tours offers high-end tours to exotic places across the globe, such as the Galapagos Islands, Amazon Rain Forest, the Iguasu Falls, Patagonia, Lapland, Australia and New Zealand.

We also offer in-depth Jewish history tours to Poland, the Baltic countries-including Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia, Germany, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. Each tour is led by a prominent Jewish scholar, enhanced by local guides expert in the culture and history of their country. Zvi Lapian accompanies each tour personally, bringing along his very own mashgiach and chef.

Pesach Programs

The Lapian Family Pesach Programs are renowned across the Jewish world for its commitment to well-organized prayer 3 times a day, a high level, challenging lecture program, and fun- filled, cutting edge entertainment. Our day camp run by English-speaking madrichot enables parents to partake of all these activities.

Lapian Tours and Pesach programs are characterized by Zvi’s hands-on approach to service and to the myriad of details of every tour. Committed to an easy and relaxed atmosphere, along with a serious approach to Kashrut, davening, learning and fun, Zvi’s tours and Pesach Programs have fostered strong social ties and many long term friendships, many of them renewed as guests return for a second and third time around.


About Zvi Lapian

Zvi Lapian has been a prominent member of the tourist industry for over 35 years, both in the United States and in Israel.

Zvi was born and raised in London. He studied in Hesder Yeshivot in Israel, and completed a Master’s degree at the Wurtzweiler School of Social Work in New York.

Zvi made Aliyah along with his family in 1987.

Zvi’s passion for travel is surpassed only by his love for passion for history and music.