Pesach 2022 at Neve Ilan

Pesach 2022 in the Neve Ilan Hotel

This beautiful hotel offers 172 recently upgraded, spacious rooms on four floors. It has extensive gardens and panoramic views of the Jerusalem Hills. It is conveniently located in Central Israel within easy reach of all of Israel’s main attractions, but with all the valuable advantages of a calm and pastoral setting.

The Neve Ilan Hotel is one of three highly professionally-run C-Hotels set in rural locations around Israel, and their expert management team will be supported by Zvi Lapian’s own event management team.

Ideal Location in Central Israel

The hotel is located within the peaceful village of Neve Ilan, yet near Route 1 and within easy driving distance of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport. Set in the Jerusalem Hills, surrounded by beautiful forests, it offers the ideal pastoral location for Chol Hamoed hikes along unspoiled nature trails and visits to natural springs (maayanot). Neve Ilan is also conveniently located for quick visits to Bet Shemesh and Modi’in, and there is a direct bus service to Jerusalem.

If you would like to visit the hotel, to see for yourself its beautiful setting and excellent facilities, please contact us to arrange a visit.

Designed for Families

Neve Ilan has the most amazing Kid’s Club we have ever seen, equipped with a wide range of toys for every age group, including a mini-cinema and the latest X-box computer games. During Pesach we will have a day camp, with English- speaking madrichim running children’s activities every day.

The hotel is configured conveniently for families with many adjoining bedrooms, family suites and garden rooms. There are options for Family Sedarim in either shared or private dining rooms (available on a first-come, first-served basis).  The hotel’s spacious Bet Knesset adjoins the gardens with additional options for outdoor seating.

Relax with your family in its many indoor and outdoor spaces in the lobby, or in one of the “cozy corners”. You can also enjoy a drink on the hotel’s awesome terrace overlooking the magical pastoral landscape.

Pesach Atmosphere

Zvi Lapian’s Pesach Programs are renowned for paying attention to every detail, particularly to the religious aspects of Pesach. Davening takes place in a comfortable setting for men and women, and the schedule is designed for the convenience of the guests. Zvi brings his own Mashgiach to oversee the kashrut, and we are one of the few programs in Israel that prepares ‘gebrocht’ dishes using Shmura matza meal.

We are planning a full program of lectures and shiurim that are open to all with a top-notch scholar in residence – details to follow!

We keep the atmosphere relaxed and tolerant – live and let live! We try to accommodate families with special requirements, and Zvi goes to great lengths to make sure that every guest feels relaxed and happy.

The Perfect Pesach Vacation

With a full week of Chol Hamoed in 2022, guests at the Neve Ilan Hotel will be well-placed to enjoy all the attractions that Israel has to offer, and all the special events taking place in Jerusalem during Pesach.

Our guests will have access to the heated swimming pool and sauna, with some hours set aside for separate swimming. We will also provide a full program of activities for children, plus daily entertainment for all the family.

Since Pesach ends on Friday, we will extend our program into Shabbat Isru Chag, giving you 8 days of relaxation and enjoyment! On Shabbat and Chag we will enjoy stimulating shiurim and lectures in English and Hebrew from our scholars in residence. Sumptuous Yom Tov meals will be served on Shabbat and Chag (full board is included in our pricing) with breakfast and dinner served every day during Chol Hamoed.

All meals will be Glatt Kosher Mehadrin under Rabbanut Mateh Yehuda and Gebrochts using Shmura matza meal, with Shmura Matza provided for the Sedarim. We will do our best to accommodate other special dietary requests – please notify us well in advance.

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