Pesach 2023 at the Hacienda

Pesach 2023 at the Hacienda

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Join Zvi & Esther Lapian in April 2023 for a wonderful Pesach Program at the Hacienda Forest View Resort in Northern Israel.

Zvi Lapian’s Legendary Pesach Programs

Zvi Lapian Tours is an industry leader in the area of Kosher Adventure Tours and premium Pesach programs. Our Family Pesach Programs are renowned across the Jewish world for our commitment to well-organized prayer 3 times a day, a high level interesting lecture program, and fun-filled, cutting edge entertainment. A day camp for children run by English speaking madrichot enables parents to enjoy all these activities.

Zvi & Esther Lapian’s Pesach programs are characterized by Zvi’s hands-on approach to service and to the myriad of details. We are committed to an easy and relaxed atmosphere, along with a serious approach to kashrut, davening, learning and fun. Our Pesach Programs have fostered many friendships and strengthened family ties, with many guests returning again and again!

The kashrut of our 2023 Pesach programs is Rabbanut Mehadrin, with top quality, glatt kosher cuisine, using only shmura matza meal and without kitniyot, with Shmura Matza provided for the Sedarim.

 PESACH 2023

This year we are proud to offer two Pesach Programs – one in Northern Israel at the stunning Hacienda Forest View Resort, and one at the wonderful Neve Ilan Hotel in the Jerusalem Mountains.

Click here for information about our Hacienda Pesach Progam in Northern Israel

Click here for information about our Neve Ilan Pesach Program in Central Israel.

Use the form on this page to request a price quote for your family for either of our Pesach programs.

April 5 - 12, 2023
  • Included
    5 Star Accommodation
    Fully Kosher
    Scholar in Residence
  • Not Included
    Airport Transfers
    Personal Guide
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